UK Surveillance Cameras

When Tony Porter (UK Surveillance Camera Commissioner) addressed the Press Association in January 2018, he outlined the risks of surveillance cameras as potential hacking targets saying, “that cameras are potentially your vulnerable point and that firms must ensure that they apply the same level of IT security to their cameras as their mainframe.” In an article published on Cyber Exchange, GeDaP outlined a unique and innovative solution based on its proven KeyTalk software which is available to the Public Sector under G-Cloud 9. KeyTalk works with your existing application software, providing authentication of each user/device based on the hashed and salted components. By incorporating the DNA of each device, KeyTalk ensures that any risk from impersonation is eliminated. This secure authentication is paired with encryption based on rapidly changing certificates (every ½ second if required) to eliminate any possibility of the data being intercepted and decoded. Most cameras are currently plugged into Corporate IT networks, potentially opening a backdoor and creating a vulnerable point of entry to an organisation’s IT Systems.
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