UK Surveillance Cameras

When Tony Porter (UK Surveillance Camera Commissioner) addressed the Press Association in January 2018, he outlined the risks of surveillance cameras as potential hacking targets saying, “that cameras are potentially your vulnerable point and that firms must ensure that they apply the same level of IT security to their cameras as their mainframe.” In an article published on Cyber Exchange, GeDaP outlined a unique and innovative solution based on its proven KeyTalk software which is available to the Public Sector under G-Cloud 9. KeyTalk works with your existing application software, providing authentication of each user/device based on the hashed and salted components. By incorporating the DNA of each device, KeyTalk ensures that any risk from impersonation is eliminated. This secure authentication is paired with encryption based on rapidly changing certificates (every ½ second if required) to eliminate any possibility of the data being intercepted and decoded. Most cameras are currently Read more

Senor City Sponsorship

GeDaP has been sponsored by Sensor City, and is exhibiting at Smart Factory Expo (the Digital Manufacturing Show) at the Liverpool Exhibition Centre 15th – 16th November in the Innovation Alley. With the unique and innovative technology which KeyTalk provides, it can mitigate Phishing and Man-in-the-Middle, authenticating users and securely encrypting the data. With SIMON™ (Secure IoT Module for On-Line Networks) a secure advanced update and measurement capability can facilitate IoT installation by incorporating legacy sensors. A key feature of SIMON is its intelligence and capability to pre-process data to minimise communication and server processing workload Read more

Cyber Express – How Well is Your IoT Secured?

Cyber Express publish an article by GeDaP on “How Well Is Your IoT (Internet of Things) Secured? Are You Exposing Your Enterprise to Undue Risk?”. The article highlights the risks from badly secured IoT installations at a time when most companies are seeking to benefit from the increases in productivity which it can provide. Any Enterprise is only as strong as its weakest link, and intrusions can lie undetected for months enabling the injection of malware and its progression into the Corporate Systems. Once GDPR is introduced in 2018 any breach in security could result in severe penalties. A full copy of the article can be read at… More… Read more


GeDaP confirms its participation in CYBERUK 17, which is taking place in Liverpool from 13th to 15th March, and is the National Cyber Security Centre’s first flagship event. It combines the Government’s IA and Cyber Security flagship event and the IA Practitioners’ events, creating a single agenda-shaping exhibition and conference. It is envisaged that the majority of attendees will be from the Public Sector and major commercial organisations GeDaP was selected as part of Government’s campaign to increase procurement expenditure with SMEs. GeDaP will be highlighting Printix, a Cloud Print Management which is certified by Microsoft for use with Azure and Office 365. Integrating seamlessly and requiring only 2 clicks of a mouse to install it uses Azure AD for authentication and Single Sign On (SSO). Printix provides a cost effective low administration solution which includes Follow Me Print KeyTalk, which provides authentication and encryption to mitigate “phishing”, “spear phishing” Read more

The Need to Secure Printing Services for Cloud Based Systems

An article by GeDaP CEO Ian Young was published on CyberExpress the website of the Cyber Growth Partnership which is charged by UK Government with the development of the UK Cyber Security Ecosystem The article highlights the risks inherent in network printing and the extent that risk is magnified when Cloud Systems are attempting to integrate with legacy print systems Read more

Yahoo Data Breach

A significant breach occurred at Yahoo who reported the loss of 500,000 users’ details. Undoubtedly compliant, a potential factor was that only 25% of the certificates issued were under 90 days old, whilst 41% of the external certificates used SHA-1 which is no longer considered secure Refreshing certificates and ensuring high standards of encryption is a time consuming IT chore. With KeyTalk from GeDaP this whole process can be automated to the highest standards, eliminating the opportunity for such data losses to occur Read more

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