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Large organizations wrestle with the bureaucracy of their Public Key Infrastructure. KeyTalk tackles the seamless distribution, short lived certificates and IT burdens while saving you time and money

Strong VPN Authentication is about authenticating to a VPN with more than just a username and password. It’s about convenience for the end-user. Our VPN solution facilitates that

Strong VPN

Strong authentication to applications such as SAP, Azure or Salesforce without physical tokens or software generators. KeyTalk uses 2-way certificates for authentication and matching devices to users

Creatively and securely connecting cars, IP cameras and other objects, KeyTalk provides an organisation’s scalability in connections between the physical world and computer based systems

Internet of Things Case Study

MoreYour benefit is KeyTalk’s worldwide patented technology which pushes short lived digital certificates from a server to virtually any device

The General Data Protection Regulation will be implemented in May 2018. It will, therefore, apply before exit negotiations are complete. Even having left the EU, any organisation which is trading with the EU will be subject to this regulation


KeyTalk provides proven complementary IT security solutions to ensure strong authentication and secure data-in-motion protection.
It’s worldwide patented technology allows KeyTalk to automatically and securely distribute and install thousands of digital short lived (X.509) certificates per second to any desktop computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone, or Internet of Things device.
This results in a classic PKI-based security infrastructure but with less overhead and maintenance.


Here’s how KeyTalk provides complementary value

  • Large customers increasingly need to connect remotely to their corporate databases using laptops and other mobile devices from a non-corporate VPN environment. This connection needs to be 100% secure. KeyTalk helps make that happen.
  • Customers are shifting more and more to using ‘apps’ on mobile devices to query specific corporate data and need to do so in a secure manner. Mobile Device Management (MDM) implementation is time consuming and most MDM solutions do not provide optimal security for data-in-motion protection like KeyTalk does.
  • Companies need to provide improved security to their web servers. A typical one-way SSL connection does not provide enough protection against ‘phishing’ and ‘man-in-the-middle’ attacks like KeyTalk does.
  • KeyTalk offers at least the same level of client and device security as hardware tokens (RSA, Vasco and others) but with additional 2-sided asynchronous encryption. With KeyTalk there isn’t the hassle of tokens and it costs less time and money
  • Due to KeyTalk’s technique of uniquely “fingerprinting” your communications device, strong authentication is based on second (or multi) factor. Consequently, there is no need to use hardware tokens. Your device is your token

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