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G-Cloud9 Listing

Sensor City tenant GeDaP (General Data Protected Ltd) has been awarded a place by Crown Commercial Services (CCS) on the latest Digital Marketplace (G-Cloud 9 2017-18). As EUGDPR approaches, and cyber attacks are on the increase, this opens up opportunities for securing Digital Data and Printed Document Services across the Internet and IoT for the whole public sector.

GeDaP, with its KeyTalk technology, can mitigate against the threat from Phishing, Spear Phishing and Man-in-the-Middle which represent the prime attack threats. KeyTalk’s proven and patented algorithms already secure the financial systems for the Council of the European Union. KeyTalk goes beyond PKI, providing strong authentication superseding existing legacy 2FA systems, whilst seamlessly distributing short term (½ second upwards) certificates. Printix provides Cloud Based Secure Print Management, certified by Microsoft for Azure which uses embedded security capability.

Because KeyTalk requires little administration, it can provide significant advantages over PKI at a lower financial and administration cost. The strong authentication in KeyTalk is based on device component characteristics, making KeyTalk highly suitable in an IoT environment. Within an enterprise, IoT and Big Data, a system is only as secure as its weakest link. KeyTalk and Printix can be supplied off-the-shelf to organisations across the UK Public Sector, including Central Government, Local Government, Health, Education, Devolved Administration, Emergency Services, Defence, and not-for-profit Organisations.

Security is becoming increasingly relevant and is often overlooked in the white heat of technological development. As members of the Sensor City Community, GeDaP look forward to building up relationships with other suppliers in the area to build partnerships and strengthen the capability of the Northern Powerhouse.

Ian Young CEO

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