GeDaP (General Data Protected) is a leading UK supplier of consultancy and software based in north west England, which is dedicated to safeguarding the data assets of organisations with the use of the latest Cyber Technology. 

Organisations have never faced such a high level of risk. A major study by the World Economic Forum (WEF) reveals that the UK lags behind thirteen other countries which include Oman and Brazil in preparation for Cyber Attacks. Businesses will continue to face ever increasing cyber attacks with Data Breach, Denial of Service, Cloud Provider Compromise and Extortion being the major concerns for IT departments. 

The advent of Brexit and the two year withdrawal period is scheduled to be triggered in March 2017. This means that organisations will be faced with enhanced security requirements of the EUGDPR (European Union General Data Protection Regulation) which comes into force on 25th May 2018 at the latest. Even when the UK has left the EU, organisations trading with the EU will need to be compliant; GDPR represents a far more rigid regime than at present and imposes the need for rapid reporting of any breach with potentially punitive penalties for its occurrence. As an example, under the EUGDPR, the TalkTalk breach would have triggered a fine of £90-£100 million rather than the token £400,000 (less discount) levied by the Information Commissioner. When the business losses which TalkTalk experienced (£60 -£80 million) are considered, investment in Cyber Security should become a Board concern. The key factor with EUGDPR is that compliance provides no mitigation – organisations need to be secure. 

GeDaP is Merseyside based, with strong pan European security connections. We have a comprehensive approach, drawing on the expertise of more advanced Cyber defences with GeDaP staff having extensive experience in IT & Cyber-Security. The expertise of our Consultants spans Commerce, Government and Industry with experience covering both physical documents and digital data. GeDaP is a member of the Cyber Exchange part of Governments Cyber Growth Partnership. 

At a time when data breaches in the UK reported to the ICO (Information Commissioners Office) have doubled within a twelve month period, it is prudent for every organisation to consider their defences. Business must realise that it is no longer a question whether they may be attacked; one thing is certain – they will need to repel an increasing number of attacks. Traditional defences like anti-virus and firewalls are no longer sufficient and compliance does not denote security. 

Cyber Defences are increasingly highly specialised and no longer the domain of IT. With the increase in penalties and the internal cost facing business when an outrage occurs, Cyber Defence should become a main board matter. GeDaP can provide an assessment of your risks, training for your staff, and Cloud based security to allow even a small SME to benefit from the highest level of security.

Compliance Is Not Security - Security Does Not Mean You Are Secure

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