99% of Law Firms Run the Risk of Cyber Fraud GeDaP SEE Secure Email Eliminates the Risks

According to a recent study, just one organisation out of the top 100 law firms in the UK has “sufficient measures in place to fully protect against email fraud”, whilst 55% of UK Law Firms has experienced a Cyber Attack in the last 12 months. The National Centre for Cyber Security has identified the legal sector as a prime area at risk from Cyber Criminals. Neither Cyber Essentials accreditation nor subscribing to D/MARC can ensure email protection.

Email systems in use today are far from secure, in the era of GDPR they can best be compared as communicating with clients and colleagues by post card. There is no proof of origin (authentication) and unencrypted data is transmitted around the Globe.

The three main areas of risk are well documented and comprise:

  • Spoofing – In which enables fake emails to be created which purport to be from a valid and known address and result in financial fraud or loss of confidential details.
  • Phishing – Emails designed to obtain confidential information resulting in impersonation and obtaining further details and/or resulting in a fraud.
  • Injection of Malware – Covertly introducing software which results in the extraction of data or can result in a ransomware attack.

These all represent an attack on the reputation and goodwill of a practice and traditionally have required extensive training costs to ensure your staff examine every email with care.

 GeDaP has now released SEE (Secure Email for Everyone) a unique and innovative solution based on patented KeyTalk technology and GlobalSign a leading Global QTSP (Quality Trust Service Provider). Mail is authenticated and encrypted to eliminate the risks from Spoofing, Phishing, Spear-Phishing and Man-in-the-Middle.  Since 1988 the technology and the global trust framework has been available to send secure encrypted email with the use of personal S/MIME certificates (Secure/Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions).  This provides a digital passport which you can use to digitally sign your email and encrypt your email so no one can read your email other than the one receiving it. Until the release of SEE there were significant barriers to its use, the substantial certificate cost, a highly complex technical installation requirement and the complexities in ensuring the recipient had the senders public key to ensure they could read the email.

SEE provides a specific cost effective and secure solution which is easy to install and works transparently with Outlook and MacMail to ensure that senders are authenticated, and the content securely encrypted to eliminate the current risks which 99% of law firms currently expose themselves and their clients.

The software has been selected by Crown Commercial Services for inclusion in its latest G-Cloud 11 programme allowing Public Sector organisations to buy without a need for tender.

UK Surveillance Cameras

Surveillance cameras of all categories fall within the remit of the Surveillance Camera Commissioner, with their data being subject to the control of the Information Commissioner who can take any appropriate enforcement action and prosecute under the DPA (Data Protection Act) when necessary. The relationship between Commissioners being regulated by a MoU (Memorandum of Understanding).