Printix Printer Management

Taking Management Out of Print Management

Providing Print Management as a Service by automating your print streams in the Cloud

Printix are committed to building the best Cloud-Based Print Management Platform to help proactively manage and optimise print

Why use the cloud for printing?


Printix, with its Cloud-base and intuitive software design, provides a common automated print infrastructure which is

  • Flexible and scalable by design capable of handling hundreds of thousands of users and printers
  • Automatic software updates to eliminate the real security risk posed by obsolete drivers
  • Robust print environment to minimise any support element
  • No upfront investment you pay only for what you use each month
  • Eliminate print servers

Printix removes the labourious administration which printers create for your IT staff. In one simple solution Printix can organize a whole print environment. It puts all the details in one place, e.g. printers, computers, users, print jobs, help desk, consumption and usage

  • Install print drivers, ensuring that drivers are up-to-date and that old drivers are not prejudicing security
  • Create print queues
  • Deploy client software (silently)
  • Monitor printers and user printing behaviour
  • Supports Azure / Office 365 authentication (Microsoft Azure Certified)
  • Supports Citrix and Remote Desktop Services (RDS)
Printix provides the ability to print when you want from your smartphone, tablet or computer to any printer. It provides greater choice and flexibility, allowing you to save time, reduce costs and use less paper
  • Fully deployed in just a few minutes. Microsoft provide, as do GeDaP, a tutorial on integrating Printix with Azure AD making it a breeze
  • Supports all network printers
  • Automated print driver and queue install to minimise risk and save administratative effort
  • Print jobs do not leave your network, enhancing security
  • No printer specific software to install
  • No print server required, giving real financial and environmental savings

Printix provides a choice of three differing ways to print allowing users to choose the most convenient commensurate with the security of the document

  • You can opt to print immediately and directly to the selected printer which it is most convenient for you. This is suitable for documents with low security
  • Release and collect your documents at a dedicated printer. The perfect choice if you need to print confidential documents which require finishing options, and want to ensure your documents print exactly as you require
  • With the Printix Freedom printer, you can roam between printers and collect your document at any random printer within your Enterprise, releasing your documents using the Printix web app from any browser. Smartphones and tablets provide the ideal medium for authentication in today’s office

Talk to GeDaP today to see how you can reduce your environmental footprint, current costs and boost your security.

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